Resorts planting 1,200 Paulownia trees

In conjunction with Earth Day 2019, Bangi Golf Resort and Bangi Farm Resort are doing their part to preserve Mother Nature throughout this month by planting 1,200 Paulownia trees on the golf course.

Paulownia trees grow extremely fast and can reproduce from seeds or root sprouts.

These hardy and resilient trees are drought- and pollution-tolerant and easy to maintain.

Like most trees, the Paulownia helps sequester carbon dioxide and provide more oxygen.

Bangi Farm Resort manager Tan Ban Keat said, “Bangi Golf Resort and Bangi Farm Resort really want to do our part to save Mother Nature.

“Why plant 1,200 trees? The reason for this is that we want to build a natural oxygen tank for Bangi.

“We hope to eventually transform Bangi into another green lung in the Klang Valley. We believe in Earth Day’s vision in wanting to save the Earth.”

Bangi Golf Resort is an oasis and getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a recreational sanctuary for members and visitors alike with its myriad facilities.

Meanwhile, Bangi Farm Resort is an agricultural platform that brings together government agencies, industry-related companies, farmers, hobbyists and the general public.

It is an industry pioneer and seeks to raise public awareness of its products.


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