Characteristic Of Material Quality

Material quality of the Paulownia wood is very special and perfect for wide range of applications. Compared with other species of wood, Paulownia wood takes on following 9 distinguishing characteristics.

Light But Tough

As one of the lightest wood on the earth, it is about 40% lighter than other species of wood. On the other hand, its toughness is good as well. Light but tough is the major advantage of Paulownia wood, so it could be used for making aviation model, housing of precision instruments and etc.

No Bending, No Warp And Keep Its Shape

Compared with other species of wood, Paulownia wood presents characteristics as “no bending, no warp and keep its shape”. The environment-friendly fan blade made of Paulownia wood is favored by the market with no other timbers being able to substitute.

Humidity Resistance And Moisture Proofing

Paulownia wood will be resistant to humidity & moisture and kept well after dying, which act as the top-grade material for lining board of passenger ship and bus, packing cases for aviation transport and water transport.

paulownia wood
Paulownia wood

Paulownia wood
Paulownia wood

Fire Resistance

Thermal conductivity of the Paulownia wood is less than other species of wood. Burning point of other timbers is about 270 degrees Celsius, while the burning point of Paulownia wood is up to 425 degrees Celsius. In the planting process, Paulownia is not easy to be self-ignited. Moreover, it could be used as materials for wooden products resistant to elevated temperatures.


Paulownia wood is light but not easy to be worn out. The bellows (an ancient combustion appliance of China) made of paulownia wood is not easy to be worn out even though milled back and forth by the pull rod.

Beautiful Texture And Bright Color

Texture of Paulownia wood is beautiful and delicate with brightness of the spun silk and good natural patterns. It serves as the ideal material for costly furniture, stationery and sports equipment.

Strong Ability For Sound Conduction

Acoustic quality of the musical instrument made by Paulownia wood could keep in stable which regardless of weather changes. Boards of dulcimer, lute, liuqin and even the qinhu are all made of Paulownia wood.

Easy To Be Carved And Dyed

Paulownia wood is not easy to split but with soft wood quality, so it is suitable for processing, carving and dyeing. It is the special material for good quality paper and handicraft.

Air Tightness And Worm-Eating Resistance

In their daily lives, Chinese people are accustomed to use Paulownia wood containers to store grain, which will protect grain from moisture, mildewing and worm-eating for a really long time.

Fine paulownia variety
Fine paulownia variety