Paulownia cultivation technology consultation

Our center is a professional technical unit engaged in Paulownia cultivation. It not only has professional soil testing personnel and soil measurement equipment, but also has the professional power of comprehensive analysis of Paulownia afforestation and formulating fertilization. In order to adapt to the current Paulownia production and reduce the blindness of Paulownia planters in the afforestation process, the center can provide the society with the service business of Paulownia cultivation technology projects such as soil measurement of Paulownia afforestation land, comprehensive evaluation of Paulownia afforestation land, and guided Paulownia fertilization plan , For reference by Paulownia planters.

Soil determination of Paulownia afforestation land

The tested party shall collect soil samples from the afforestation land and send it for inspection by express or mail. Soil testing content: pH, salinity, and effective content of soil nutrients in the soil.

Comprehensive evaluation of Paulownia afforestation land

Based on the test results of the soil samples submitted for inspection, and the local meteorological data provided by the inspector in the form of mail, fax or Email, as well as the site data of Paulownia plantation sites, a comprehensive assessment of the pros and cons of the Paulownia plantation land will be made for the inspection party’s reference. The meteorological data includes: the highest and lowest temperature in a year, frost-free period, annual rainfall, rainfall in four seasons, and the light conditions of afforestation land. Site information of afforestation sites includes: altitude, topography, slope size, soil thickness, area occupied by low-lying land, height of groundwater table, etc.

Guiding Paulownia fertilization program

Based on the test results of the soil samples submitted by the inspector, the inspector can provide the inspector with the guiding Paulownia fertilization plan for the afforestation year for reference. According to the characteristics of soil nutrients and the characteristics of Paulownia’s fertilizer requirements, try to make up what the soil lacks, how much it lacks, what Paulownia needs, and when and when, which can not only meet the needs of fast-growing and high-yield Paulownia, but also greatly reduce it. Invalid investment in the forest management process. The content of the guiding Paulownia fertilization program includes: fertilizer types to be fertilized, the proportion of each fertilizer type, fertilization time, fertilization frequency, fertilization amount, and fertilization method.