Artificial Afforestation of Paulownia

Paulownia is fond of light, fertilizer and deep layer of soil, meanwhile feared of salt, alkali and flooding. Moist, fertile and well drained loam soil or sandy loam soil with lower ground water level is the best choice for Paulownia afforestation.

Lands for Paulownia afforestation include plains with favorable natural conditions, semi-arid areas with heavy sandstorm and bad water & fertilizer conditions, gentle slope hills and shallower mountain areas with different site conditions.

Based on growth characteristics of Paulownia, different afforestation methods shall be utilized for different site conditions and climate. Afforestation methods for various species of seedlings are also different from each other. Proper selection of seedling and method for afforestation according to different site conditions and climate is a comprehensive technical measure for afforestation program, which is related to the survival rate, growth of sapling and input cost.

Paulownia artificial forest
Paulownia artificial forest

Paying particular attention to artificial afforestation technology of Paulownia is a fundamental measure for improving afforestation quality, increasing timber output and reducing production cost. Only by mastering the afforestation technology could we create ambient conditions where favorable for survival and growth of Paulownia trees with manual control, by which to achieve the purpose of fast-growing, high-yield and high-quality. 

To acquire most quality timber in the shortest period with the least investment, we should make a comprehensive and scientific plan for the Paulownia forest plantation to be built, by which realizing the goal of better afforestation with less investment. The practice showed that selecting excellent Paulownia species in line with practical situation of the local area, and making a reasonable and scientific plan for afforestation land, species and initial density, may build a good foundation for the healthy growth of Paulownia plantation in the future, otherwise, this forest plantation will be aborted.