Paulownia’s value in human society

BY Xia Feng

Pruning of paulownia
Pruning of paulownia

Compared with other trees, Paulownia has such significant advantages as fast growth, easy artificial-cultivation, strong capacity of carbon sequestration (absorption and storage capacity of carbon dioxide ) , special wood quality, large lumber output and wide application.

Within a short time, Paulownia can not only provide a plenty of widely used commercial timbers and daily materials, but also recyclable renewable energy and clean energy with zero-emission. Due to its fast growth rate and large respiration capacity, Paulownia can create significant value of carbon sink, such as absorb and naturally store carbon dioxide as well as a variety of chemicals in the atmosphere during its growth process.

Therefore, Paulownia has listed as the first choice for various types of fast-growing and high-yield artificial forests by more and more countries, governments, institutions and investors.

Today, the value of wood is obvious when the logging of natural forests is prohibited,especially the carbon neutral is recognized internationally. On this basis, the renewable energy development and carbon sinks trade has worldwide. As the pioneer of fast-growing and high-yield forest, Paulownia has obvious economic value and social benefits. Especially ShanTong, a new variety of Paulownia, which has excellent genes and strong adaptability to environment.

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