What aspects of paulownia will be affected by land preparation for afforestation?

Land preparation before afforestation is an important working procedure to improve environmental conditions (mainly the soil conditions) in the paulownia afforestation land, which requires higher specification and quality than farmland preparation. Comprehensive improvement of the site conditions will not only enhance survival rate and growth of the paulownia forest, but also increase the growth quantity of paulownia sapling forest. The practice showed that timber output is greatly influenced by relevant matters (do or do not, careful or careless, time and method) concerning land preparation, where there will be a 1-3 times difference on timber volume per hectare. Therefore, preparing land before afforestation in correct, careful and timely manners plays an important part in improving survival rate, promoting growth of sapling forest and realizing fast-growing and high-yield of paulownia artificial forest, particularly for afforestation in mountain areas.