Are Paulownia trees invasive?

There are between 9 and 23 species of Paulownia. Only one of these, the Paulownia tomentosa, is on the invasive species list.Because the seeds of Paulownia tomentosa have strong vitality, they can be reproduced by flying seeds.

All Paulownia are prolific seed producers. However, the seeds are extremely hard to germinate – except under very rare conditions.

Paulownia does not have a detrimental impact on the environment. Quite the opposite. The tree’s natural ability to fix nitrogen and its nectar-rich flowers enhance rather than detract from the environment.

Our hybrids(No.3 Shan Tong and No.4 Shan Tong) are the new generation of artificial-crossing type Paulownia which cultivated through 11 years of research. They are non-invasive and cannot reproduce by seed flight. Reproduction is only possible a-sexually.This has been proven.

Shan Tong is the newest and best fine paulownia variety in China, which takes on the following advantages compared with other Paulownia species: fast growing rate, strong resistance to disease and insect pest, strong resistance to drought and cold, large timber output, good material quality, large areas of land saving, wide range of adaptability, strong renewal ability and etc.