Planting season of paulownia,planting time of paulownia

Afforestation season

Paulownia afforestation is a piece of highly seasonal work. A proper season shall be selected to ensure quality of afforestation. China's territory spans across Frigid Zone, variable zone and Torrid Zone. Microclimates of different areas vary widely due to different topographical features. In order to obtain satisfactory afforestation effect, it is necessary to select the most suitable season and time for plantation suited to local conditions.

  • springspring
  • summersummer
  • winterwinter
  • Spring afforestation
    Spring is the best season for afforestation in most areas. At this time, temperature is rising, soil is moist and soil temperature is rising as well. Plantation in early spring is just matched with the most vigorous phase of striking root before germination, which is favor of seedlings to strike root & germinate and leading to high survival rate and long growing period for the sapling forest.
  • Autumn afforestation
    In autumn, temperature is getting lower and water content of the soil is stable. Leaves of seedlings fell off, which greatly reduced transpiration of the aboveground part. Root system still has some activities which will make it easy to come to life and promote the seedling growing early in spring and available for drought resistance. Hence, in those areas where the spring is arid, soil in autumn is moist, autumn season is warm and light damage of live-stock, autumn afforestation could be actualized.
  • Winter afforestation
    In areas where soil does not freeze in winter or in a short freezing period and winter season is not too cold or too dry, winter afforestation could be implemented from the end of autumn to early spring.
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